How to Configure MT4 Platform to Send Trading Signals to Mobile and Email

MT4 options for push notificationsMeta Trader is a great trading platform that is completely free to use by anyone with an Internet connection and a computer, table, or a phone. The great thing about Meta Trader is that is also widely used by many Forex brokers. This allows users to place trades directly within their Meta Trader platform.

There are many advantages of using Meta Trader as oppose to your broker’s dedicated online platform. One of the biggest advantage is that Meta Trader allows you to use various built-in, as well as, custom indicators and Expert Advisors (EA) to simplify your trading.

Custom indicators often include popup alerts which inform the user of specific market conditions and possible trading opportunities. However, in order to see the popup alerts a user needs to be present and look at the Meta Trader charts.

MT4 trade alert signal

Some people are unaware that Meta Trader can also be configured to send the trading signals to the user’s email or phone. This article will explain exactly how to configure your Meta Trader platform to receive trading signals to your mailbox and mobile device.

How to Get Signals on Mobile Device

In order to receive signals from your Meta Trader 4 to your mobile device, such as phone or tablet, you need to configure your mobile device, as well as, your main MT4 platform with the indicator. Let’s take a look at the necessary steps to get everything up and running and activate push notifications:

STEP 1 – Open your main MT4 trading platform which will send the signal

STEP 2 – Install Meta Trader 4 (build 427 or later) on your mobile device. Currently only available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

STEP 3 – Sign in to your broker’s account on your mobile. You can use live or a demo account.

STEP 4 – Write down your mobile MetaQuotes ID. This will be visible in Settings and at the bottom of every system message.

mt4 mobile metaquotes ID

STEP 5 – Go back to your main MT4 installation and go to Tools and click Options to access the main configuration settings.

STEP 6 – Tick option Enable Push Notifications. You can also tick Notify of trade transactions if you want to receive updates on your trades.

MT4 options for push notifications

STEP 7 – Copy your mobile MetaQuotes ID into the field Meta Quotes ID. You can include up to four IDs. Once you complete this step you can test it by clicking the Test button.

Your mobile device needs to be connected to the Internet to receive push notifications. 

STEP 8. Click OK to close the Options window.

Well done! Now all is left to do now is to wait for the signals. Please remember that in order to receive push notifications to your mobile device your main MT4 installation must be running and your mobile device must be connected to the Internet.

Mobile push notifications are almost instantaneous provided there is no delay in Internet connection.

How to Get Signals to Your Email

Meta Trader 4 also needs to be configured to send signals to a specified email address. This process is slightly more complicated and unfortunately there may be a delay in receiving the signals due to email servers refresh delays.

MetaTrader cannot send email signals on it’s own. It needs to use an existing mail server’s SMTP.

Here are the necessary steps to configure your MT4 to receive signals to your email:

STEP 1 – In your MT4 installation go to Tools, click Options and access Email configuration settings, as shown below

email configuration in mt4

STEP 2 – Enable email notification and fill it in with the required information.

email configuration smtp settings

Depending on which server you use, your SMTP port might be different. You will need to check this in your mail server configuration settings. In addition, if you use 2F identification process (2-Step) your MT4 will not be able to access your mail server.

STEP 3 – Test your email configuration and confirm its success.

An email will be sent to the configured email address and a confirmation will be visible in the MT4 Terminal under the Journal tab.

messages in journal

Once it is confirmed as success you will be able to receive trading signals to your specified email account.

Please note that signals will be most likely delayed due to the fact that your MT4 needs to connect to an independent server and this message needs to be relayed to your account.

Servers, as well as email software have a set refreshing rate which will delay the email signals.